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About Us

We are pleased to announce our flock has moved to Nebraska and we have two great flock managers - Kelly and Kassie Faimon. 

If you like what you see in our Champion Drive section we hope you will contact us for your next show lamb or brood stock purchase. Because of our competitive nature we want you to win in the show ring.  We won’t sell a lamb or replacement ewe that doesn’t meet our high standard. 

For some background about us… it started off simple enough, a backup Harry Sampson ewe and a good friend with a ram.  That was in 1999 and we’ve made some significant strides since then.  With the help of our good friend Mike Mickelson (Mickelson Club Lambs) we were able to purchase the pick of his ewes in 2012, after he acquired Miram Strasser’s flock.  Mike was able to offer us a very consistent ewe base with proven genetics that created winners up and down the state of California.  This ewe base originates from Nicewonger genetics with sires going back to Cabaniss, Hancock, and Allred Elliot including Composure, Protocol, and Leverage.  With the purchase of Hitman we added Miller’s Buckmaster genetics and Trunk X Wooly Mammoth from Tuff Stuff.

In 2016 we purchased additional ewes from K bar K club lambs in Fullerton Nebraska.  They are known throughout the Midwest and Texas for quality lambs, consistently placing winners in the Nebraska State Fair.   

We strive to breed a thick powerful lamb that is not excessively extreme, but dead level, structurally correct from front to back, top to bottom with plenty of bone, loin, rack and inner leg muscle shape.  Our ewe base of 60 offers something for everyone. 

While we rarely want to admit it, we are extremely competitive striving to win (within our budgeted means). 

We appreciate our buyers for feeding, fitting and showing our lambs into the Champion drive.

Lambs are available for shipment throughout the continental United States.